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Press Release Submission Guidelines for Tech Companies: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. For tech companies, press releases are a vital tool for communicating breakthroughs, product launches, partnerships, or significant corporate milestones. However, the effectiveness of a press release significantly depends on how well it is crafted and submitted. This guide provides comprehensive guidelines on press release submission specifically tailored for tech companies.

Understanding the Importance of Press Releases for Tech Companies

Press releases in the tech industry serve multiple purposes: they announce significant developments, help in branding, and position the company as a thought leader in the industry. Moreover, they play a crucial role in SEO and digital visibility. Given the highly competitive nature of the tech industry, a well-executed press release can make a substantial difference.

Crafting the Press Release

1. Focus on Newsworthy Content

  • Innovation and Impact: Highlight how your technology is innovative or how it impacts the industry or consumers.
  • Data and Statistics: Include relevant data or statistics that underline the significance of your announcement.

2. Adopt a Clear and Concise Style

  • Technical yet Accessible: While it’s important to include technical details, ensure that the content is accessible to a broader audience.
  • Avoid Jargon: Minimize industry jargon to ensure readability and broader appeal.

3. Include Multimedia Elements

  • Images and Videos: High-quality images of the product or infographics that explain the technology can enhance engagement.
  • Links to Demos: If applicable, include links to product demos or video walkthroughs.

Submission Guidelines

1. Identify the Right Distribution Channels

  • Tech-focused Media Outlets: Target publications and websites that specialize in technology.
  • General News and Industry-Specific Platforms: Consider a mix of general news outlets and platforms specific to your tech niche.

2. Timing is Key

  • Product Launches and Events: Coordinate the release with product launches or major events for maximum impact.
  • Avoid Heavy News Days: Try to avoid days when major news is anticipated, as your release might get overshadowed.

3. Personalize Your Approach

  • Research Journalists: Identify journalists or bloggers who cover your tech sector and personalize your outreach.
  • Customize the Pitch: Tailor your pitch to each journalist or publication to increase the chances of your release being picked up.

4. Follow Up Respectfully

  • Check In: A respectful follow-up email or call can ensure your release hasn’t been overlooked.
  • Avoid Spamming: Be mindful not to overdo follow-ups, as it can be counterproductive.

5. Leverage Online Submission Platforms

  • Digital Distribution Services: Utilize online press release distribution services that cater to technology companies.
  • SEO Optimization: Ensure that the online distribution platform offers SEO services to maximize digital visibility.

6. Measure the Impact

  • Track Coverage: Use tools to monitor where your press release is being picked up and the kind of engagement it is receiving.
  • Analyze and Adapt: Analyze the performance of your press release to refine future strategies.

Best Tech Press Release Services

Tech companies, from startups to established industry leaders, need specialized press release services that understand their unique requirements. These services not only distribute your news but also ensure it reaches the right audience, including tech journalists, bloggers, investors, and potential customers

Top 2 technology press release providers

1. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is renowned for its extensive network, reaching thousands of media outlets, journalists, and online platforms globally. It is particularly effective for tech companies looking to gain international exposure.

Key Features:

  • Global Reach: Ideal for companies seeking international visibility.
  • Multimedia Distribution: Offers the ability to include videos and images, enhancing the appeal of tech-related content.
  • Detailed Analytics: Provides comprehensive reports on the reach and impact of your press release.

2. Business Wire

Known for its credibility and authority, Business Wire is a top choice for tech companies aiming to make a serious impact. It’s especially favored by established companies and large corporations.

Key Features:

  • Industry-Specific Circuits: Offers targeted distribution to technology news networks.
  • Partnerships with Major News Outlets: Ensures wide visibility across respected platforms.
  • Enhanced SEO Capabilities: Optimizes your press release for search engines, a vital feature for tech companies.


For tech companies in today’s digital world, a press release is more than just a formal announcement; it’s a strategic tool for communication, branding, and positioning. By following these guidelines for crafting and submitting press releases, tech companies can ensure their exciting developments and innovations get the attention they deserve. The key lies in creating compelling content, choosing the right channels, and timing your release for maximum impact.

Next Steps

Now that you understand how to effectively prepare and submit a press release, consider exploring our upcoming blog post, “Leveraging Social Media to Amplify Your Press Release,” where we will delve into strategies for using social media platforms to further enhance the reach and impact of your press releases.

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