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Digital marketing strategies on social networks

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people creating Marketing strategies for businesses

people creating Marketing strategies for businesses

Social networks have more than 3 billion active users around the world. Undeniably, this number proves the need for a digital marketing strategy on social networks for your business. As in other digital marketing actions, it is necessary to understand who are the people who follow your brand, what their needs are. With this, you will define which social networks deserve more attention and what type of content to advertise.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

Instagram marketing strategy

The Ads Manager makes it possible to create ads for media such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

In addition to creating these ads through the manager, you can also boost posts previously made on your business page.

By boosting your publications, you can target them to a specific audience based on their interests. With that, the results of your actions should be more satisfactory.

Two types of audiences can be established for disclosures:

  • Personalized audiences: contact list imported to Facebook, people who previously interacted with your page, website, application, or even physical store.
  • Similar audiences: audiences based on information from the lists included in your Personalized Audience. As the name suggests, Facebook will look for contacts similar to the previously entered audiences.


Youtube marketing strategy

To advertise on YouTube, all you need is a channel and an account on Google Ads, a platform for creating and distributing ads.

To create ads in video format, it is enough that the media is on YouTube. You can also opt for image ads, which can be displayed at the bottom of the video or next to it.

After that, you select the type of audience you want to reach and, finally, define the ad’s desired budget.

As with Facebook disclosures, here you also define the criteria you want to consider to target your ad.

People who have already interacted with your brand or users with similar interests to visitors to your site can be considered. You can also consider people’s interests, demographics, among other information.

Don’t forget LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing strategy

If you see LinkedIn as just a space for advertising and looking for jobs, forget about it.

Publications with content other than job posting are 15 times more frequent on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social networks, which have come to be questioned by the recent cases of breach of privacy and fake news, LinkedIn is increasingly growing as an option to create attract qualified leads through content production.

To advertise, create a business account and define the payment method you will use.

Once done, you will define the type of campaign you want to run, the ad’s content, and target the target audience.

Below are some available filters:

  • Experience level ;
  • Personas ( Mass Affluent, students, Graduates without Graduate Studies, among others);
  • Positions (Entrepreneurs, Events Manager, Education Professional, among others);
  • Company Size.

Video content

Video content marketing strategy

People retain 95% of a message composed of video content, that is, in times when attention is rare, don’t miss the chance to use this feature to attract followers.

According to a survey, videos can generate 66% more qualified leads per year, compared to producing only text content.

These data show that video content production can be an effective strategy in attracting an audience for your brand and generating new sales.

With the expansion of social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, IGTV, and Facebook, social media campaigns using videos (video ads or video advertising) are interesting alternatives for promoting products or services.

YouTube’s new “rival”

YouTube viral marketing strategy

YouTube remains the main platform for producing video content, although other services still threaten its leadership, as is the case with IGTV.

For those unfamiliar, IGTV is an Instagram application to promote long-lasting videos.

IGTV can threaten YouTube to try to attract content producers due to the current popularity of Instagram.

On YouTube, you can produce content on a recurring basis on your channel. The platform itself offers some tips on how to get started, through YouTube Creators.

Creating a YouTube channel has no cost. Take advantage of this space to produce varied content, from institutional videos to educational materials, product presentations, etc.

Analyze your audience’s preferences (through studies with the buyer persona) and define which media can be used by your brand.

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