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As a business owner, have you ever wondered what big companies use to guarantee marketing results every…single… time? The kind of results that makes them a TON of money?

You probably know they don’t mess around with silly link building packages.

Now What If You Could Tap into the Exact Same Source They Do, and Ethically Copy-Cat Their Results…How Would Your Business (And Life) Change?


Well, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how it’s done further down this page. 

But before you start scrolling, let me just assume a few things here…

So What Exactly Do Serious Companies Use to Get Massive Results in the SERPS Then?

Most people have no idea what “serious companies” do to market their business. 

It’s like an insiders secret that us lay-people never get to learn about… 

In fact, most people assume that these companies have money to burn. 

That they just throw money at the wall and hope some of it sticks. Well, that’s only partly true…

So What Exactly Do You Get Here (Aside from Massive Exposure)?

Here’s what you get in a nutshell…

    • Your business written about using industry-proven techniques and professional press release creation.

    • Massive exposure for your website (over 400+ REAL websites and not low-quality spam links or bots)

    • Over 6+ years of my experience + my team.

    • *Limited BONUS if you jump on board today– Details listed below


But How Much Do You Actually Need This?

We’ve never met in person. But I’m assuming you want your business to rank high in the SERPS and succeed!

Press releases give your site authority AND credibility.

Think about it.

If your site ranks on page 1 WITHOUT press releases, it WILL get manually reviewed by Google at some point. When that happens, how legitimate will your site really look?

Are there ANY sites out there that could possibly rank on Page 1 without being spoken about in the press at least once, somewhere?

It’s HIGHLY unlikely.

And that’s the hidden power of Press Releases.

    1.  They get you ranked, FAST
    1.  They protect you from manual reviews when your site IS on page 1!

And Here’s What Other People Are Already Saying RIGHT NOW!

But before we go any further, I need to just double-check…


Is This Service Really For You?

I want to make sure we’re a good fit. If you’re serious about making your business real NEWS, then I’d love nothing more than to help you… but let me ask you something important.


Are You Proud of Your Website?

I mean, proud enough that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed by having it seen on hundreds and hundreds of top tier media outlets?

Sites like these below:

And these…

  • Google news
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • And many many more

So What’s My Guarantee to You?

My personal guarantee is you’ll love what I do for you. But, I know you need more protection than that.

So to help prove that this was a great decision to place your order today, I’ll take all the risk for you.


Here’s Exactly How You’re Covered Here

If you’re not 100% absolutely over-the-moon about your order and the AWESOME results this gets for your business, then I’ll promptly put your money back in your hands. No hard feelings. No hassle.

Not only that, but I’ll let you KEEP the links I’ve created, AND the bonus I’m going to give you with this service… just to say thanks for trying me out!


So Here’s The BONUS I’d Like to Give You Today…(it’s FREE, but don’t tell my competitors please)

  • FREE distribution to Associated PRESS (valued at $1500!!!)

Yes, you can Google it right now. Associated Press will typically cost you $1500, but I’m giving this to you for FREE today as part of this service. 


I have access to extremely powerful tools and when we work together, you get that access too! 



So Remember, This is What You’re Getting When You Hire Me Today


    1.   A professionally written press release on your business 
    1.   Over 400+ top tier links on Press Release media outlets
    1.   Premium Links from sites that are usually only offered to agencies with big budgets
    1.   A free bonus worth more than the cost of the actual service!



If you order today, not only will you get your Associated Press Distribution absolutely free, I’d also like to offer you a 20-minute video consultation with me here at my office in Ohio! *no obligation of course!


Okay, So What Do You Need to Make This Happen?


When you order shortly, all I need from you is…


  •  your URL
  •  a small description of your business
  •  your business address and Tel. number and some basic contact information

And that’s it!


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